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Big Cartel Slide Show Page Template


Page Template

Suitable for Any Aarcade Theme


The Lookbook / Slideshow page is displayed in Aarcade Big Cartel theme previews as an example of a custom page.

Additionally, this page uses the inbuilt shortcode system, unique to Aarcade themes, to display a slide show of sample images.

See installation instructions below.


Make sure you have an Aarcade theme installed before proceeding with the following instructions. This extra will only work with an Aarcade theme.

Read the shortcodes support article. Understanding Aarcade’s shortcode system will help you get the most out of this page template.

Create a new custom page, as detailed in the support article How do I add a page to my Big Cartel shop?, and name it “Lookbook” or a relevant name of your choice. If you wish to have a Lookbook as your home page, you would name your page “x ic home” (refer to Insert Content for more information on “x ic” pages).


Switch to HTML edit mode before proceeding – refer How do I switch to HTML edit mode?

Copy all of the code in the code box below and paste it into your new custom page content area.

Edit the content as required. As a minimum you will need to:

  • Replace the sample images with your own images. Refer to How do I upload images or files for my Big Cartel page content? to prepare, upload and retrieve public URL’s for your images (no hosting required).
  • Review and edit the slide captions, links, style and other available settings as detailed in the support article Shortcodes > slideshow.
  • Replace the filler text with your own text. Note:
    • The heading tag h2 is used to create the title “LOOKBOOK / SLIDESHOW”.
    • Double returns between text lines automatically creates paragraphs, so there is no need to manually create p tags.
    • A containing div with inline style is used to center the text.
    • You could delete the heading and text entirely and replace it with any HTML / content.

Click the Save link when you are done editing your page content.

[[slideshow style="4" manual="yes"]]
<h5>This is a caption for slide 2.</h5>
You can customise captions and even include a link to products displayed in the slide!

<div style="text-align:center;">


This is an example of using the built-in slideshow function on a custom page to create a lookbook for your brand.<br />You can also change the slide effect, add/remove captions and navigation and more.

Slideshows can be added to any page of your shop, including your home page, in just minutes using Aarcade's unique <a href="">shortcode system</a>.