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Wholesale Order Form

Suitable for Any Theme

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Aarcade’s Wholesale Order Form for Big Cartel’s off-site PayPal Checkout provides an easy to install page template that allows your customers to quickly place bulk product orders.

With the built in password protection enabled, you can ensure that only approved customers have access to the form.

The form works by dynamically tallying your customer’s order as they enter quantities. When their order is complete, all items are added to their cart in just one click. Your nominated discount is applied automatically to the form and at the cart page.

Checkout is then per the standard process, i.e. the customer can select shipping destination or modify quantities (as applicable for your shop and form settings) before checking out. Alternatively you can follow our instructions for activating order by email so that you can invoice your wholesale customer using your own system (for net 30 and other special payment terms).


  • Product category filter interface allows easier browsing of products.
  • Product image viewer displays all images for each product in a pop-up gallery.
  • Product description expand / collapse.
  • Total order is tallied as quantities are entered.
  • Invalid quantity values are automatically corrected.
  • Stock level check as quantities are entered. If quantity exceeds stock level, a warning is displayed and the quantity is corrected to match the available stock level.
  • Reset order link.
  • Review order link.
  • Print order link with print-specific formatting.
  • Responsive layout compatible format.

In-Built Options

  • Editable form intro, outro and note text.
  • Show / hide sold out products.
  • Show / hide coming soon products.
  • Enable / disable stock level control.
  • Set a minimum order value.
  • Set product order to standard or group and order by category.
  • Include or exclude specific product categories.
  • Show / hide associated product category list for each product.
  • Password protect form.
  • Editable message and account request link for password sign in.
  • Easily show / hide the “Made With Aarcade” link.
  • Multiple pop-up image viewer style options.

Wholesale Item Pricing

The wholesale order form will display your standard product pricing by default. To offer wholesale specific pricing you can do one or more of the following:

  1. Create a Big Cartel percentage discount code (i.e. your wholesale discount to be applied to all products in the form). Your form will then:
    • Display standard pricing with a line-through, e.g. $20.00
    • Display item pricing and totals at discounted values.
    • Automatically (in the background) attempt to activate the cart discount code using the password phrase (if set).
    • If a password phrase is not set, or the discount code is different to the password phrase, prompt the user for their discount code before proceeding to the cart.
  2. If you have different customer groups with different percentage discounts, you can install the wholesale form multiple times in the same shop and set a different log in password and percentage discount for each form.
  3. If you have more complicated wholesale pricing (not just a blanket percentage discount), get per-product control over product details, pricing and shipping with one of the following:
    1. Password protect the form and create hidden products for wholesale only (requires an Aarcade standard theme).
    2. Create a new Big Cartel shop that is dedicated to your wholesale products and use the password protected form for all orders.

Works With Any Theme

Aarcade’s Big Cartel Wholesale Order Form has been developed to work on all Big Cartel themes, not just Aarcade made themes.

However, with an Aarcade theme (excluding Lite), you can take advantage of extended category controls to hide products from the public and make them only available to your wholesale customers. You will also have the option of hiding the link to your Wholesale Order Form using Aarcade’s navigation control.

Not For Seamless Checkout

Big Cartel have confirmed that the Seamless checkout system will not include the necessary tools to allow us to make the wholesale form compatible with it. Therefore the wholesale form requires standard off-site PayPal checkout.


The following is required for the wholesale order form template:

  1. An active Big Cartel account on a Platinum or higher plan – see
  2. PayPal Standard (a.k.a. PayPal Off Site) checkout enabled on the above Big Cartel account.